Friday, March 13, 2015

EGO 3 in 1 Starter Kit - Vaporizer

When it comes to finding the right starter kit for those who are beginning the vaping experience, there are few that match the quality, versatility and ease of use of the Ego 3 in 1. The Ego vaporizer kit includes everything you need to start your journey and is designed to be quite versatile as well so that when your tastes change, you can still use the same basic unit.

This is a wax and herb vape pen kit that offers excellent versatility, but is well designed for those who are just starting and are looking for a vaping device that is easy and intuitive to use. The glass globe inside the device is designed to work with heavy oils as well as wax for a complete experience. In addition, you can replace the attachment and use it for vaping dried herbs as well. This makes it a very versatile device which the beginner can trust.

-       Liquid attachment
-       Wax skull attachment
-       900 mAh Ego battery
-       Mouthpiece w/filter
-       Screen filter
-       Extra ceramic oil
-       Atomizer
-       Ceramic chamber
-       USB charger
-       Travel case

All in all, the Ego 3 in 1 Starter Kit is not only well suited for beginners, but anyone who wants a good, solid, durable and stylish vaping device available at #GypsyVapes  and #YourVaporizerStore

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